Parish of Seapatrick



Dear Parishioners,

I want to draw your attention to the following matters, immediately relevant in the New Year:

Weekly Confessions
The period allocated for Confessions on Saturdays - which has been 12.30 to 12.45pm - will be changed. From Saturday 12th January, Confessions will be heard each Saturday from 4.45pm to 5.45pm in St Therese’s Church. There are three main reasons for this change: Firstly, the current time does not appear to attract many parishioners to Confession, on most Saturdays of the year. Secondly, the time quite regularly clashed in 2018 with Weddings, later morning funerals and other events such as First Communion Masses - with Confessions having to be cancelled in consequence. Thirdly, bringing Confession time closer to the Saturday evening Mass time may make attending Confession more convenient for a greater number of parishioners. This change has been reflected upon and agreed by the Parish Pastoral Council, whose advice and guidance I greatly appreciate on many parish matters.

An additional Baptismal ceremony will be held each month from January 2019. This will take place on the fourth Sunday of every month, in St Patrick’s Church, at 11.45am. This is intended both to reduce the numbers taking part in any one Baptismal ceremony and to allow more options for parents and families of children being baptised. The Baptismal ceremony in St Therese’s Church, on the second Sunday of each month will continue but with a change of time to 1:15pm. Given that Baptismal ceremonies will be held more regularly - and that the opportunities for Baptism will be effectively doubled from next month - I would ask families to refrain from requesting additional (individual) Baptismal ceremonies in 2019. I thank the members of the Parish Baptism team for their generous help and support, in both visiting the homes of children to be baptised and in assisting participants and celebrant on the occasions of the Baptismal ceremonies themselves. This service, and the time given to it, is greatly appreciated.

Monday Liturgy
Following Fr Vincent McKay’s departure in mid-September, there has been no Mass on Monday mornings in St Therese’s Church. As previously promised, an alternative liturgy will take place at 10am on Monday mornings in 2019. This will comprise a celebration of the Morning Prayer of the Church (from the Divine Office), the Liturgy of the Word and the reception of Holy Communion. Books with the complete text for Morning Prayer will be available to those attending. I am very grateful to the regular 10am Readers and Ministers of the Eucharist who have agreed to lead this liturgy and who have worked hard, over recent months, in preparation for it. Their commitment and enthusiasm will undoubtedly bear fruit in the weeks and months ahead. The new liturgy will commence in St Therese’s on the first Monday following the close of the Christmas Season, which is Monday 14th January 2019, at 10am.

Fr Andrew McMahon