Parish of Seapatrick



Additional Lenten Weekday Masses

In addition to the regular weekday schedule, there will be Mass in St Thérèse’s Church on Wednesday mornings of Lent at 8.30am (beginning Wednesday 13 March) and in St Patrick’s Church on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm (beginning Thursday 7 March).

Lectio Divina during Lent

During Lent this year, there will be two opportunities to share in Lectio Divina (literally ‘Divine Reading’) each week. There will be meeting for Lectio in St Therese’s Church Oratory on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am, and in St Patrick’s Church on Thursday evenings at 8pm. This involves sharing with others in reading, reflecting and praying around the gospel passage of the following Sunday’s Mass. Tuesday meetings begin in St Therese’s on Tuesday 12th March. Thursday meetings begin in St Patrick’s on Thursday 7th March. All are warmly welcome!
‘If you make my word your home you will truly be my disciples’ (Jn 8:31)


The inter-church Lenten Study for 2019 will begin on Sun evening 10 March at Banbridge Methodist Church Hall. The theme for this year’s study is “The Long Road to Heaven” (based upon the 2010 film The Way concerning the famous pilgrim walk Santiago de Compostela). The schedule of meetings will be as follows:

10 March - Methodist Church
17 March - Bannside Presbyterian Church
24 March - Holy Trinity, Church of Ireland
31 March - Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church
7 April - St Thérèse’s Church