Parish of Seapatrick


Mass Updates

Re-commencement of attendance at Masses


Weekend Masses

Saturday (Vigil): 6pm

Sunday: 8.30am, 10am & 12noon.

The Church is open, for admission, 30 minutes before each Sunday Mass is due to begin.

We may not have sufficient capacity to accommodate all those who may wish to attend a particular Sunday Mass. In such circumstances, the stewards on duty will decide when the Church has reached a safe capacity and advise accordingly.

Weekday Masses

Tuesday – Friday: 10am

The Church is open each of these mornings from 9.40am

Seating is limited, due to social distancing requirements.

Please co-operate with stewards who will guide you in respect of what seating is available and where to sit.

Please observe appropriate social distancing while in the Church and upon entering and leaving it.

Hand sanitisers etc. will continue to be available at the entrance and exits to the Church, for use as appropriate.

Individual worshippers are welcome to bring their own sanitisers with them, for personal use, and are welcome to wear a face mask - should they so wish.

More information can be found in the Bulletin by clicking the link on the left hand side.